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Commercial Property Checks: What They Are And Why You Need Them

What does a home and a store have in common? Just like private residences, commercial properties are liable to suffer from inflated insurance premiums when they are not properly checked and maintained. As with any standing structure, commercial buildings can become compromised, ultimately costing their landlords, managers, and potentially even employees, significant amounts of money and time.

commercial building complex

To further complicate matters, some of the problems that can affect a home may be enhanced with a business. Break-ins, for example, may occur more regularly if your enterprise sells expensive goods, or is located in a neighbourhood with a high crime rate. This type of incident, when coupled with the potential occurrence of property damage, flooding, or accidental injury, will create a financial headache that may last for years.

Criminal activity may extend beyond simple theft. Within larger jurisdictions, some businesses will inevitably become hubs of criminal activity, generally beneath their property manager or landlord’s nose. Money laundering, racketeering, and even the production of illegal narcotics can be disguised by enterprising criminals under the ‘front’ of a seemingly legitimate business.

Knightsbridge’s Property Check team comes equipped with the tools and experience needed to ensure that none of the aforementioned activities occur. Our property check specialists are trained to detect and record any potential problems, ranging from leaky furnaces to illegal activities. We offer comprehensive visual condition inspections for our commercial clients. Each one of our visits is backed up by detailed documents, photos, and general recommendations that are specifically tailored to the commercial property’s individual nuances.

safety procedures during property check

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to surge, many commercial property managers and business owners are concerned about the possibility of an outbreak occurring within their building. Our property watch team is fully tuned-in to these concerns, and have implemented several measures to keep ourselves, our clients, and their customers safe. We give plenty of notice before visiting, follow all public health measures, wear ministry certified PPE, and ensure that all surfaces are sanitized, should any contact occur. It should be noted that these procedures are followed regardless of whether the suite in question is occupied or not. Safety is important to us, no matter what.

Commercial properties are susceptible to the same insurance-voiding occurrences that residential units regularly face. Subscribing to Knightsbridge’s home check service will keep your premiums intact while adding longevity to the property itself. Contact us today to arrange a service quote, free of charge.

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