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It’s simple. We check the property so you don’t have to. We take images and write a description of each of the following areas: 

  1. Door locks - account for keys and ensure the alarm works

  2. Stairways - ensure there are no tripping hazards and rail handles are safe

  3. Appliances - ensure each appliance is in working condition

  4. Visible leaks - check taps, toilets, and sinks for visible leaks

  5. Visible Water Damage - check ceiling and walls for damage caused by settled water

  6. Condition of flooring - ensure the flooring is in good condition, focusing on tripping hazards

  7. Smoke Detectors - verify their expiry date

  8. Exterior - the condition of stairs, walkways, external storage

Detect Water Damage Early

Insurance premiums have risen in Vancouver apartments because of water damage. This causes significant damages and insurance policies typically require that homes be vacant for no more than 3 days or property insurance is void.

Prevent Unapproved Shorten Rental and Other Activities

Unchecked tenants can get up to no good. We check for signs of unapproved AirBnB/sublet, indoor smoking, pets that are not permitted, or growing cannabis.

Friendly and Accommodating Service

Our professional staff is accommodating to tenant schedules, maintains physical distance and are generally friendly. Our intention is to be an extension of your service and we want to make you look good.

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